SmartPCFixer Review

The SmartPCFixer Review   

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Is SmartPCFixer Worth The Investment?

For a computer to consistently perform well, it has to be free from errors and has to undergo regular updates. There also has to be enough space in the hard drive and the system should not contain any malware. For a regular PC user, it can be very frustrating when the computer malfunctions or performs slower than usual.

If a PC is experiencing frequent crashes, often gets the blue screen of death, or takes a while to start up, something could be wrong with the system. Errors caused by malwares or virus need to be addressed correctly so the computer can start working again.

Instead of spending a fortune on PC upgrades or paying for an expert to fix the errors, one option is to install a PC maintenance software. Among the most popular softwares available is the SmartPCFixer. This is a ready to download application that claims to improve the performance of a computer with just a few mouse clicks.

Smart PC Fixer was developed by LionSea Software Co., Ltd, one of the leading brands in the software biz. It was launched in the early part of 2012. It was designed to fix different types of errors to keep the computer running smoothly. Essentially, it is a PC maintenance suite that addresses the issues typically experienced by PC users. SmartPCFixer boasts 8 tools in 1 bundle.  Here are the things included in the package.

  1.      Registry Cleaner: Registry errors are considered to be among the common reasons why a computer won’t perform as expected. SmartPCFixer was designed to easily identify registry errors and fix them without harming the system. The registry cleaner is the key feature of smartpcfixer and with just a few clicks, the program will repair all the errors that can be found in the system to make the PC work like new again.


2.       PC Optimizer: Also one of the tools included in the pack is the PC Optimizer. This allows the user to select which applications will appear on the menu. PC Optimizer also eliminates clutter by showing only relevant applications on the desktop. With this, the user can also easily select which applications will open during start-up.


3.       Error Fixer: Aside from repairing errors found in the PC registry, SmartPCFixer also addresses more severe errors such as those caused by malwares and viruses. The software also repairs Dll errors and winsock2 errors.


4.       File Extension: Smart PC Fixer is also equipped with a file extension feature so files can be organized better and be easier to track. The user has the option to split files or to shred them. With this tool, ActiveX controls are easily manageable and any malicious files can be prevented from infesting the PC. This tool also has the Uninstall Manager, which ensures that residues left while removing a program are all gone.


5.       DLL Fix: If the DLL (Dynamic Library Link) files are corrupted, this tool can be used to fix errors and find missing DLL objects.


6.       Disk Defrag: SmartPCFixer also has a disk defrag feature to maximize the space of the hard drive. When the hard disk is no longer fragmented, it can perform faster and will be able to do processes quicker. After a disk defrag, files become more organized so the hard disk can reach them quicker. The disk defrag tool that comes with smartPCfixer is fast and safe. No need to worry about files being hacked.


7.       DLL Download: PC programs will not execute properly without the correct DLL files. When an error states that it requires a particular DLL, some of the DLL files are missing. With this feature, users will be able to download missing DLLs and address PC issues associated with DLL files. SmartPCFixer determines which files are missing, the user won’t have to guess which files to get.


8.       Windows Update: To ensure that the OS will perform consistently well, regular updates should be scheduled. With this feature, updates will be made regularly and without hassle. Any malicious hardware can be detected easily this way and prevent it from harming the computer.

SmartPCFixer is an all around PC maintenance suite that claims to improve PC performance, avoid crashes, and repair files that may be corrupted. Here are the things that smartPCfixer is designed to do.

1.       It scans and cleans.

As a standard registry cleaner, smartpcfixer scans and repairs errors in the computer registry. The pack also includes an Evidence Cleaner that eliminates all traces of browsing such as browsing history and cookies.

SmartPCFixer is also equipped with a Junk File Cleaner that removes temporary files that taking up space the PC hard drive. The Scan and Clean function is quick and easy. After cleaning the hard drive of junk and repairing Windows errors, the computer should be able to perform faster and be less susceptible to lock ups.

2.       It optimizes the system.

The Smart PC Fixer also works by eliminating clutter and showing only programs that are necessary. The desktop will be free from unnecessary icons and only limited programs will be opened during start-up. This way booting the PC will be easier and the computer will be able to respond faster. A less cluttered PC can be able to perform its tasks a lot better.

3.       It repairs errors.

When a computer is a bit old and plenty of programs have been installed and uninstalled, there could be a number of errors that accumulated in the hard drive. Spywares and malwares also have the ability to corrupt the registry, making it unable to open specific files.

SmartPCFixer scans and diagnoses even the most severe computer errors. With this software, there is no too complicated case. It can save costly system upgrade and even prevent the user from calling it quits and buying a new gadget.

With the System Fix feature, broken shortcuts and redundant files will be removed easily. Related files will also be consolidated so processing could be quick and smoother.

With the Error Repair Wizard, all the panicky PC issues like screen crashes and freezes will be fixed. The generally feared blue screen of death will also be taken care of.


4.       It creates back-up.

A good maintenance software creates backup before scanning the system for errors. With this feature, users can be sure that all their files are protected no matter what. SmartPCFixer creates backup for the registry, for the system files, and for the user’s favorites. It also creates a restore point, so the user can easily return the PC to a previous state. This feature is particularly important in recovering files and fixing errors.


5.       It makes updates easier and has bonus features.

With the system tools feature, users can access additional features such as ActiveX Blocker, File Splitter, Windows Update, and Disk Defrag. File Splitter and File Shredder are also located within this feature. The Uninstall Manager and the BHO Manager are also here.


As a PC maintenance software, SmartPCFixer has its strengths.

1.       Smart PC Fixer is easy to use.

This is essential, especially for novice computer users. There are plenty of registry cleaners available in the market but most of them can be too much of a hassle to use. Smartpcfixer addresses issues with just a few mouse clicks. It also has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. With this software, users can easily locate the tools that they need.

2.       Smart PC Fixer is readily available.

The Smart PC Fixer is readily downloadable and can be used upon purchase.

3.       Smartpcfixer improves computer performance.

Because it is able to optimize the system by improving start up and removing excess files in the desktop, Smart PC Fixer is able to speed up the PC and prevent crashes and auto shutdowns. It also stops blue screens and freezes from occurring.

4.       Smart PC Fixer removes malware and spyware.

Malwares come in all forms and smartpcfixer is able to find where they are and remove them from the PC. With this, there is no need for a separate anti-malware software. All those annoying spyware that may be obtained by the computer through annoying plug-ins are also removed.

5.       SmartPCFixer is safe.

With this software, the user won’t have to compromise sensitive files since no middle man is needed to fix the PC errors. The repair session and maintenance checks can be done at home. Smart PC Fixer also prepares a backup so that all important files can still be accessed, no matter what happens.


While SmartPCfixer is able to repair errors, there are cases when the diagnosis and repair may take a bit longer.

The Verdict:

SmartPCFixer is a user-friendly registry cleaner that does its job and indeed improves PC performance. It is particularly effective in removing unnecessary files and optimizing the computer’s start-up. Because the bundle is loaded with features, it is like having 8 separate softwares in one. It is ready to use, easy to install, and has an intuitive interface that is appeals to most users. Compared to replacing the gadget or upgrading the system, it is more cost-effective. It gets rid of annoying pop-ups and error messages. It also speeds up processing considerably.


Rating for Smartpcfixer is 9/10.

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